WordPress SEO Plugins

7 Best WordPress SEO Plugins, Free & Paid Versions

The WordPress SEO plugin is a special tool for WordPress websites to help with search engine optimization ( SEO/Search Engine Optimization ) efforts. The presence of this plugin is very important because it can help increase the visibility and ranking of a website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In fact, site owners can still optimize their websites without any plugins. However, according to Search Engine Journal, some important information such as the amount of traffic, links, keywords, and HTML errors are impossible to know without using tools or plugins. In other words, the existence of this SEO plugin is still needed to optimize all SEO practices.

So, what are the best SEO plugins for WordPress websites? In this article, we have summarized several popular plugins that might be used as references. Come on, see the complete list here!

Best WordPress SEO Plugin Recommendations

Of the many plugins available on the internet, here are 7 recommendations for the best WordPress SEO plugins according to Dewaweb:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. RankMath
  3. All-in-One SEO Pack
  4. SEO Squirrly
  5. SEO Ultimate
  6. The SEO Framework
  7. Slim SEO

These plugins come with different advantages and features. To make it clearer, let’s look at the review below.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the popular SEO plugins for optimizing website rankings and increasing its visibility. This plugin offers various features that help sites become more search engine friendly. One example is ‘SEO score’, where this feature allows you to find out the quality of content based on various factors, such as keywords, content structure, alt text, and more.

According to Hubspot, Yoast SEO has the most active installations with an average of five stars in the WordPress plugin directory. This shows that the reputation and level of user satisfaction with Yoast is very high.

Yoast free features:

  • Schema integrations: Connect with experienced SEO experts for better schema results.
  • Inclusive language analysis: Analyze non-inclusive phrases to make content more interesting to users.
  • Front-end SEO inspector (beta): Discover Yoast-generated metadata and schema in no time.
  • Algolia: Features to improve search quality and help users find the best content for websites.

Yoast paid features (Rp. 1.5 million – Rp. 3.5 million per year):

  • AI-optimized SEO: Optimize titles and meta descriptions with Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Optimize 5 keywords per page: Optimize 5 keywords at once for 1 page.
  • Automatic redirects: Redirects from old pages to new pages automatically.
  • Real-time suggestions for internal links: Real-time internal link-building recommendations.
  • Ads-free: Enjoy all the plugin features without the hassle of ads.

2. RankMath

RankMath is a WordPress SEO plugin similar to Yoast. This plugin is used to optimize content which in turn can increase the visibility and ranking of the site in search engines. This can be done thanks to complete features such as SEO analysis, sitemap optimization, handling broken links, and much more.

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Even though it is often said to be similar to Yoast, RankMath has advantages in terms of appearance, where the interface and navigation are more user-friendly and beginner-friendly. Apart from that, the price of RankMath Pro (paid) is also cheaper than Yoast SEO Premium.

RankMath free features:

  • Auto Canonical URLs: Get canonical URLs for posts, pages, and products automatically.
  • Google Search Console Integration: Integrates with Google Search Console to view important metrics directly from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Clean User Interface: Comes with a clean, neat and easy-to-understand interface.
  • SEO Analysis Score: Presents analysis and summary related to SEO optimization.
  • Automated Image SEO: Automatically adds title and alt text to images that do not have these attributes.

RankMath paid features (Rp. 109 thousand – Rp. 782 thousand per month):

  • Image SEO PRO: Feature to optimize images automatically.
  • Keyword Rank Tracker: Track the performance of hundreds of keywords simultaneously.
  • Advanced Content SEO Overview: An advanced overview that contains information about SEO performance in search engines.
  • 840+ Schema Types Supported: Provides support for more than 840 schema types from Schema.org.
  • Advanced Local SEO Blocks: Local SEO automation with shortcode templates.

Apart from that, you can enjoy all the RankMath Pro features for free just by buying hosting at Dewaweb, you know!

3. All in One SEO Pack

The next recommendation is All in One SEO Pack (AIOSEO) which is a WordPress plugin for website optimization purposes. Through this plugin, you can install sitemap.xml, get keyword recommendations, meta tag optimization, and much more. All of this is needed to make the site easier to find and index by search engines.

Fitur gratis All in One SEO Pack:

  • SEO Audit Checklist: Thoroughly analyze a WordPress website to audit for errors in SEO practices.
  • TruSEO On-Page Analysis: In-depth analysis of SEO optimization on website pages (on-page).
  • Content Decay Analysis: In-depth analysis of content search performance that can be accessed directly via the dashboard.
  • WooCommerce SEO: Advanced e-commerce SEO features that are useful in optimizing product pages, categories, and so on.

All in One SEO Pack paid features (Rp. 776 thousand – Rp. 3.5 million per year):

  • Advanced SEO Modules: Advanced SEO modules to improve SEO performance.
  • Smart Schema Markup: Add relevant schema.org structured data automatically.
  • ChatGPT AI Tools: Leverage ChatGPT to automatically get content suggestions, titles, meta descriptions, and more.
  • Custom Breadcrumbs: Customized breadcrumb paths to help search engines understand a website’s structure.
  • Headline Analyzer: In-depth analysis using comprehensive tools to get optimization suggestions.

4. SEO Squirrly

SEO Squirrly is a WordPress SEO plugin designed specifically for non-experts. Different from similar plugins in general, SEO Squirrly can only be used as a companion tool to other plugins. This means that this plugin plays a supporting role, where SEO Squirrly will work in real-time to provide optimization suggestions when writing content.

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SEO Squirrly free features:

  • Focus Pages: A smart assistant that guides users to improve specific pages.
  • SEO Automation: Post automation in accordance with SEO rules.
  • Track SEO Results: Track the performance of SEO practices that have been implemented.
  • SEO Audit: Provides information regarding site performance in terms of SEO, authority, links and traffic.

SEO Squirrly paid features (Rp. 469 thousand – Rp. 1.1 million per month):

  • Keyword Research Assistant: Keywords that can be ranked with Squirrly’s Keyword Research Assistant.
  • Advanced Redirects Module: Offers Redirect Manager using advanced redirect modules.
  • Easy Rank Checker: Add keywords directly to Rank Checker in just a few clicks.
  • Google Indexing API: Instant indexing using Google Indexing API.
  • Schema Builder: Schema builder with full control, multiple schema options, and FAQ Block.

5. SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is a WordPress plugin designed to increase ranking and web traffic in search engines. This plugin provides comprehensive modules and features that allow you to set automatic keywords, build internal linking on the same page/site, change robots.txt, and other website optimization to increase visibility.

Free SEO Ultimate feature:

  • Silo Builder: Build website architecture that is relevant to the website theme instantly.
  • Code Inserter+: Add various HTML scripts or third-party scripts instantly in the desired location, whether header, content area, sidebar, or footer.
  • Mass Canonical Editor: Mass edit canonical settings over a single page. This feature supports up to 100 entries at a time.
  • SEO Data Importer: Import SEO settings from other plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One, Headspace, and more.
  • HTML and XML Sitemaps: Create HTML and XML sitemaps instantly by just pasting a URL.

SEO Ultimate paid features (Rp. 766 thousand – Rp. 3.9 million per year):

  • More comprehensive control over open graphs, schema markup, and rich snippets. This includes businesses, reviews, events, organizations, software, and videos without coding.
  • Exclusive Updates and Premium Support: Fast response customer support team and fast software updates if needed.
  • Advanced SEO Modules: Training modules on advanced SEO techniques that are easy to understand.

6. The SEO Framework

The next recommended WordPress SEO plugin is The SEO Framework. This plugin allows you to optimize titles, descriptions, canonical URLs, and other SEO functionality automatically. Not only that, The SEO Framework also comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface making it suitable for beginners.

Fitur gratis The SEO Framework:

  • Critically automated: An intelligent feature that can create SEO meta tags for the WordPress environment.
  • Real-time caching: Implement real-time caching mechanisms to reduce excessive load on the database.
  • Over 70 checks: Checks for more than 70 potential problems on each page.
  • SEO attack protection: Forces search engines to only index the best version of the page.
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Paid features of The SEO Framework (Rp. 109 thousand – Rp. 422 thousand per month):

  • No single-site license: The SEO Framework handles a minimum of 2 sites for easy development support. This is the same as “buy one get one free”.
  • API-request: Allows users to send API requests according to website needs via the Extension Manager.
  • Multi-site supported: Supports several WordPress websites at once where each configuration can be set separately.

7. Slim SEO

Lastly, there is Slim SEO which is a plugin for optimizing content, starting from title, description, meta tags, and so on. This plugin provides WordPress website optimization tools where most of the configuration is done automatically. Interestingly, Slim SEO can be used completely for free.

Slim SEO free features:

  • Meta Tags Optimization: Automatic optimization of meta title, description and Open Graph.
  • Redirection: Redirect broken URLs in just seconds.
  • XML Sitemap: Create an XML sitemap to submit to search engines automatically.
  • Header Footer Code: This makes it easy to insert code into Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Facebook pixels.
  • Image Alt Text: Add alt text to all images in the library automatically.
  • Schema (Structured Data): Automatically create relevant schemas for websites, pages or content.

Use an SEO Plugin for Better Website Performance!

That’s a list of 7 recommendations for the best WordPress SEO plugins to optimize your website’s performance. The plugins above can actually be used for free. However, the free version features have certain limitations so you need to buy the paid version if you want to enjoy more complete and powerful features.

Regardless, plugins and SEO practices will have a big impact if the website is hosted on a fast and secure server. Because all your SEO efforts will be in vain if your site is slow and easily hacked by hackers.

The solution is to use a quality hosting service such as NameCheap Cloud Hosting. We use the LiteSpeed ​​Enterprise web server which is capable of boosting performance up to 40x faster and is designed to handle high traffic volumes. So, you don’t need to worry if there is a spike in traffic because your website will remain stable.

In terms of security, Dewaweb is equipped with complete built-in security starting from Anti DDoS Premium Protection from Cloudflare Magic Transit, SSL grade A, Imunify360 WAF, and many more. All of this aims to protect all important data and information so that your website is guaranteed to be safe from various cyber attacks.