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What is Email Blast? This is the meaning, benefits and how to make it

Email blast is a term that often appears in the world of digital marketing, namely sending mass emails to many recipients at once, usually for promotional or notification purposes. 

Almost everyone who has an email account has definitely received an email blast, whether it’s a promo from an online shop, a newsletter from a news site, or even spam.

According to the site OptinMonster, 73% of B2B marketers use email newsletters as part of their content marketing strategy, according to a 2024 Content Marketing Institute report. The same report also found that 71% cited email engagement as one of the most important metrics for their content. 

This data shows how important email blasts are in marketing strategies to build relationships with audiences and encourage conversions. Therefore, let’s find out in more detail what an email blast is, its benefits, and how to make it in this WooRanked article!

What is Email Blast?

Email blast is an email marketing strategy that involves sending mass emails to a large list of contacts simultaneously. This type of email is different from email campaigns which focus more on structured emails sent within a certain time period.

In an email blast, the same message is sent to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of recipients at once. The goal is to reach the largest possible audience in one deployment. The message in an email blast is usually a product promotion, special offer, announcement, or other marketing content that is relevant to the recipient.

Email blasts can provide a number of benefits such as time and cost efficiency in reaching many audiences at once. And can increase brand awareness, promote products/services, and maintain relationships with customers and potential customers. 

Apart from that, in email blast software, there are also tracking and analysis features such as the number of emails opened, how many users clicked on the link, and other metrics to measure the success of this email.

Benefits of Email Blast

Email blast is a popular email marketing strategy because it can reach a wide audience quickly and efficiently. Apart from that, here are several other benefits that you will get when using email blast.

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1. Increase reach and visibility

Email blasts allow businesses to reach multiple recipients at once. By sending a single email to a wide audience, businesses can increase their brand visibility and expand their reach, potentially gaining new customers.

Apart from that, email blasts can also increase brand awareness among recipients. The more often your audience sees your brand name in their inbox, the more likely they are to remember and be interested in the products or services offered.

2. Time and cost efficiency

Email blasts are able to provide a marketing strategy that is cost-effective and time efficient. Instead of contacting users one by one, businesses can send one email blast to many users at once. This saves time and resources compared to traditional marketing methods such as direct email.

From the distribution of these emails, you can see the results of metrics such as email open rates, link clicks, and product conversions, so you can optimize your email blast strategy in the future.

3. Personalization and customization

With email marketing services/software and automation tools, businesses can personalize email blasts by including recipient names, relevant product recommendations, or personalized offers. Personalization and customization can improve customer experience and engagement and lead to higher conversions.

To personalize email blast content, you can utilize customer data that has been collected, such as preferences, purchase history, or browsing behavior. With this information, you can adjust the email content to make it more relevant and interesting for each recipient.

4. Automation and scalability

Email blasts can be automated and scheduled to be sent at specific times. This automation feature allows businesses to send emails automatically.

This way, you can save the time and energy required to manage emails manually. Apart from that, automation also ensures that your emails are sent consistently and on time.

5. Targeted communication

Even though email blasts are sent to a wide audience, the communication can be targeted based on certain criteria, such as demographics, interests, or previous interactions. 

Businesses can segment their email lists and tailor content or offers to different groups, thereby increasing the relevance and effectiveness of email blasts.

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With proper email segmentation, you can ensure that messages are received by the most appropriate audience and have the potential to make product purchases.

How to Create an Effective Email Blast

To ensure your email blast is effective and gets optimal results, there are several important steps you need to pay attention to. Here’s how to create an effective email blast.

1. Select the email blast application you want to use

The first step that needs to be taken is to choose the right email blast application or service. There are many free email blast app options available. Most email blast apps offer features like email list management, template creation, sending scheduling, and analysis of results metrics. 

With the right application, you can manage and optimize email blasts more easily.

2. Create a list of targeted emails

After selecting the application to use, the next step is to create a list of those who will receive the email blast. Make sure that your email list contains email addresses that are valid and relevant to the intended target audience.

You can get a user email list in various ways, such as collecting emails from website visitors through a registration form, importing a contact list from an existing database, or purchasing a verified email list.

However, keep in mind that buying random email lists without permission can be considered spam and can damage a business’s reputation. Therefore, you should use an email list that has given permission to receive emails from your business.

3. Segment the emails you want to address

Once you have an email list, the next step is to segment it. Email segmentation is the process of dividing email lists into smaller groups based on certain criteria, such as demographics, interests, behavior, or purchase history.

By segmenting, you can send more relevant and personalized email blasts to each segment, thereby increasing the audience’s chances of reading and responding to your emails.

4. Create email content according to the target market that has been created

After segmenting, you can create email content that suits each target market segment. Interesting and relevant email content will increase the audience’s likelihood of reading and responding to the email.

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Make sure that the email subject is attention-grabbing and that the body of the email provides clear information for the audience. Use clear, simple and persuasive language, and add visual elements such as interesting images or videos.

5. Analyze the emails sent

The final step is to analyze the results of the email blast campaign. Email blast applications usually provide analysis features that allow you to see metrics such as link clicks, conversions, or others.

By conducting analysis, you can find out what worked and what needs to be improved in future email blasts. For example, if your email open rate is low, you can optimize the email subject or sending time. If the link click rate is low, you can improve the content of the email or the offer provided.

Do you know what Email Blast is?

Email blast is an email marketing strategy that involves sending mass emails to hundreds or even thousands of contact lists simultaneously. 

The goal is to reach the largest possible audience in one distribution, usually in the form of product promotions, special offers, or other marketing content that is relevant to the recipient.

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