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FYP TikTok 2024 Schedule, Best Hours & Days to Post Videos to Go Viral

Are you a content creator or businessman who wants your video to go viral on TikTok? So that your content is flooded with viewers and likes , you must know the best TikTok FYP schedule for uploading videos.

Be aware, FYP TikTok is the TikTok recommendation page that appears first when users open the application. The videos inside are generally related to what TikTok users are interested in. For example, when you like technology, innovation, etc., the videos that appear on your FYP TikTok will be closely related to those things.

So, do you want to know more about the tips so that the content you share can enter FYP TikTok? The key is to pay attention to the right time to post it. To help you, Dewaweb has summarized information about TikTok’s FYP schedule below.

What is FYP TikTok?

TikTok brings an interesting feature to its application, namely the For You Page or better known as FYP. FYP is the TikTok recommendation page that appears first when users open the app. TikTok’s FYP page will feature select viral videos with a high number of viewers . The contents on FYP TikTok are also adapted to the interests and habits of each user.

Latest FYP TikTok Schedule

TikTok’s FYP schedule depends on various factors, for example demographics, location and active hours of the audience in the user’s area of ​​residence. So, so that more people see your content, you need to pay attention to the best time to post it. Reported from several sources, the following is the schedule for FYP TikTok hours in Indonesia.

As a guide, you can also save a picture of the FYP TikTok schedule that Dewaweb has made:

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1. Monday: 09.00, 17.00 and 21.00

Mondays usually have a lot of busy activities. If you plan to post a video on Monday, the best TikTok upload schedule to do so is in the morning before activities, in the afternoon and in the evening before rest, namely 09.00 , 17.00 and 21.00 .

2. Tuesday: 13.00, 15.00 and 20.00

On Tuesday, most people focus on completing the work that was planned the previous day. This causes the time to open social media to decrease.

Therefore, the right time to upload videos on Tuesday is when you get home from work or take a break. TikTok’s prime time on Tuesdays is around 13.00, 15.00, or 20.00 .

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3. Wednesday: 11.00, 19.00 and 22.00

On Wednesday, many people usually start looking for entertainment/alternatives to get rid of fatigue at work. The right time to post TikTok content is at 11.00 , and also at night around 19.00 and 22.00

4. Thursday: 12.00, 20.00, and 21.00

Even though it is still a productive day, on Thursdays, many people usually tend to be more flexible and start opening social media more often. Some good TikTok upload times on Thursdays are 12.00, 20.00,  to 21.00.

5. Friday: 11.00, 19.00, and 22.00

Towards the weekend, many people usually have more flexible time. The right time to post TikTok content on Fridays is during the lunch break at 11.00  and in the evening at 19.00 and 22.00. 

6. Saturday: 10.00, 19.00, and 21.00

Saturday is a holiday for the majority of people. You can use this opportunity to upload video content on TikTok. There are many prime time options on Saturdays, in the morning at 10.00 , and in the evening at 19.00 and 21.00 .

7. Sunday: 08.00, 12.00 and 16.00

Especially on Sundays, you can freely upload content on TikTok to gain lots of viewers. Sunday is a holiday for many people.

The free time they have will increase and the potential for people to scroll on social media will increase. In general, almost any time on Sunday has a great opportunity to enter FYP TikTok.

Factors Supporting TikTok FYP Entry Videos

After much speculation about TikTok’s FYP algorithm, TikTok finally released a statement via its official website. The statement explains how TikTok recommends videos on the For You Page (FYP) for each of its users.

TikTok’s FYP page reflects preferences unique to each user. The system will recommend content by ranking videos based on a combination of various supporting factors. Reporting from TikTok, video recommendations included in TikTok’s FYP are influenced by several factors, including the following:

1. User interaction

The first factor that supports FYP TikTok is user interaction in the application. The accounts you follow, the videos you like, comment and share will influence the content presented in your FYP.

2. Video information

Hashtags , background music, and captions are forms of video information on TikTok that can help a content enter the FYP TikTok page. Using trending hashtags or background music can trigger the attention of the TikTok algorithm.

3. Account settings

I’m curious, why do you see content from domestic users more often on FYP TikTok? This is because account settings also affect the TikTok algorithm for displaying videos that enter FYP. Settings such as location, country, language selection, and device type play a role in curating the videos displayed.

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However, this factor does not play a big role in limiting content entering FYP TikTok, because this application still gives its creators the opportunity to reach a global audience.

How to get video content into FYP TikTok

Apart from knowing today’s TikTok FYP schedule, there are several tips you can follow so that the content or videos you share can be included in TikTok FYP. Want to know how? Here’s the information:

1. Using hashtags correctly

Using hashtags can help your content be seen by audiences who are looking for it. There are several tips for using hashtags that you can follow:

  • Choose hashtags that are relevant to the content
  • Use hashtags that are currently popular and less popular in posts
  • Use trending hashtags in your niche
  • Participate in hashtag challenges
  • Use #fyp or #ForYou

There’s nothing wrong if you use hashtags that are currently popular so that more people will see your posts. However, don’t forget to still use hashtags that are still relevant to your content niche !

2. Make videos short and engaging your audience from the start

On TikTok, there is a video completion rate factor that supports content ranking to enter FYP TikTok. In short, this factor measures content performance in terms of how many times your content is watched until it is finished.

The more people who watch your video to the end, the higher the completion rate value you will have. This means that there is a greater chance that people will watch your video until the end if the duration of the content you create is shorter.

To achieve a good completion rate , you need to think about how to create content that is short, but attracts the audience’s attention from the start. An example that you can follow is making a seamless loop video.

3. Follow trends on TikTok

Have you ever heard of tips and lifehacks from TikTok? Or maybe you are very familiar with popular songs from TikTok? TikTok is known as an application that quickly spreads trends and makes content go viral. By following existing trends, you won’t run out of ideas for creating TikTok content. This is one of the tips to make your content more interesting.

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4. Write an interesting caption

TikTok limits writing captions to 150 characters. This includes the hashtags you write in the caption . The solution is to create a short title that attracts attention and contains an invitation.

An example of a caption that you can use is by asking a question, or arousing curiosity. Don’t forget to add invitations to like , comment and share your content with other users.

fyp tiktok tips - make interesting captions

5. Posting in prime time

You certainly want the content that has been created to be as interesting as possible to have lots of viewers and engagement , right ? As previously explained, posting content during active audience hours has the opportunity to increase viewers. Therefore, following the TikTok FYP schedule is one of the right things for you to do.

6. Using trending songs

Although there are no facts that confirm this method, it is believed that using trending music can help increase the popularity of content. When making a video on TikTok, click the Add Sound menu at the top. In the Playlist section, you can find recommended songs or audio that are often used by other creators according to your content niche .

fyp tiktok tips - use trending songs

7. Interact with other creators

Interacting with other creators  is one way to develop the TikTok account that you manage. You can benefit from connecting with TikTok-ers who have the same niche . What’s more, you can collaborate with them to produce interesting content. Your content can also be seen by the audiences of creators who collaborate with you, and vice versa.

Already know the Best FYP TikTok Schedule?

That’s the TikTok FYP schedule which can help you find out the best time to post content to get lots of viewers . Not only the TikTok FYP schedule, Dewaweb has also shared tips for getting your content on the TikTok FYP page.

However, please note that there is no way to guarantee that content can immediately go viral. However, following the posting schedule and tips above could be the best solution to try. The point is, you have to be diligent in exploring to find out which method works for you. Good luck and good luck, OK!