User Generated Content

User Generated Content: Understanding & Benefits for Brands

User generated content is content created by users in the form of reviews, testimonials, photos, videos or other posts related to the products or business services they have used. UGC is created naturally by users based on their experience using the product.

This is certainly different from content marketing where the content is created by the company or brand itself. 

So what are the benefits of UGC for business and what are examples of UGC on various social media platforms? Come on, see the complete explanation in this Dewaweb article!

What is User Generated Content (UGC)?

User generated content (UGC) is content created by consumers or users, in the form of reviews or testimonials related to the use of a business’s products or services. This content comes from real consumer experiences, not from content created by brands or businesses in general. 

In the business world, content authenticity is an important element, according to data from Stackla, 9 out of 10 people think that content authenticity can influence consumers in choosing which brand to use.

Thus, UGC can help consumers see product reviews beforehand and strengthen their beliefs before purchasing them. In addition, for businesses, UGC can help build trust and increase brand credibility. As well as increasing consumer engagement and expanding the reach of business promotions.

Examples of Using UGC for Business

After understanding what user generated content is, below are several examples of using UGC for business on each social media.

1. Website

The first example is on the website in the testimonials section, you can load photos and positive reviews from customers who are satisfied with your product or service. For example, like one of the following examples on the Dewaweb site in the “What Our Customer Say?” , we display several reviews from users who have used Dewaweb hosting and domain services .

2. Instagram

On Instagram, businesses can search for posts by customers using your product and create UGC. Then, you can re-share the post on your Instagram account by mentioning the user’s name and adding a caption that tells about the customer’s positive experience with the product.

3. TikTok

You can find the next example of using UGC on TikTok, in the form of unboxing videos or product reviews created by users. If there is a positive video, you can take a clip from the video and share it on your TikTok account.

4. YouTube

Next, from YouTube social media, you can look for product reviews made by famous YouTubers regarding your product. If they leave a positive review, you can share the video on your YouTube channel or include a clip of the review in your business ad.

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5. X

If a business is active on a platform like X, you can monitor threads related to their industry or products. If there are positive reviews or comments about their products, businesses can share them on their social media platforms, such as other websites or social media.

Why is UGC Important for Business?

Maybe many of you are wondering, why is user generated content so important for business? Aren’t there many other options, such as placing advertisements on social media, buying endorsements or using public figures as brand ambassadors. 

You may do this option, but there are several reasons why UGC can be the key to the development of your digital business, including the following.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

What comes to your mind when asked about instant noodle brands? Surely most will answer Indomie, Mie Sedap or several other well-known brands.

This is called brand awarenessBrand awareness is the extent to which your product is recognized by consumers. Because this is one of the first steps to finding more customers and making them continue to buy.

Making consumers aware of a brand is certainly not easy and requires a long process. Well, one thing that can increase brand awareness is UGC. If a customer makes a review about your product that they purchased.

Of course, from there there will be more new users who recognize the product and of course they don’t stop there. Users will find out more and in the end, indirectly, they will continue to remember your product or brand.

This will happen continuously like that, the more UGC the easier it is to recognize. That’s why UGC is important in a business.

2. Increase Organic Traffic

When your consumers create UGC, of ​​course their posts will mention your business IG account. Apart from that, these posts will also reach a wider user or target market.

And then, if the user feels interested, they will definitely click on your brand mention and find out more about the product. So, from here your account can get traffic organically.

3. Provide Authentic Content Sources

In fact, consumers trust content that contains reviews or reviews that come from direct customers. Customers who have used this product will certainly provide honest personal experiences, whether they are happy or sad.

It’s different if the brand itself provides a review. Consumers tend to be less trusting.

Apart from that, consumers who create UGC are also not paid anything, meaning that they voluntarily provide reviews that are authentic or based on facts.

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If consumers accidentally come across UGC posts, they are interested and grow in trust in the product. So over time they will buy one of the products because of the honest review.

3. Strengthen Digital Presence

As the owner of a brand or business, appearing or appearing on digital platforms such as websites and social media is something that is important to pay attention to.

This is usually called digital presence or online presence. Be it your website, social media or something else. Digital presence is an important thing to do, because this is how more users will know about your product.

One thing that can make your brand appear on the internet is with user generated content. Content is one factor that can help strengthen your online presence.

By getting UGC from consumers, it means you can also repost it again. From there, the opportunity for your product to appear on the internet will be greater and further strengthen your digital presence. 

How to Get User Generated Content for Your Business

After knowing the importance of user generated content for a business, this time it’s your turn to find out how to get UGC.

Below are several ways to get user generated content that you can try.

1. Influencer marketing

The first way you can try is with influencer marketing services. Influencers here are people who have thousands or even millions of followers and can have a strong influence on their followers. Examples include:

  • Celebrity
  • Influencer
  • Content Creator
  • Blogger
  • And others

The first and easiest way to get UGC is to do influencer marketing. Currently, influencer marketing is becoming a trend in product marketing strategies. Some of the main goals include increasing brand awareness and expanding market reach.

When influencers provide reviews or testimonials, they will automatically mention the brand they are using. This is where you can get user generated content. But what you need to remember is that this influencer marketing strategy is in the paid category, so at least you have to prepare funds according to the influencer you want to use.

Apart from that, each influencer also has a different rate card. The more influential the public figure is, the greater the price they charge.

2. Hold a giveaway

The second way is by holding a giveaway, this method can be said to be cheaper than before. Even though you still have to pay for the giveaway prize. Below is an example of giveaway content on Instagram.

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In order to get UGC from there, you can apply several conditions to be able to take part in the giveaway, such as:

  1. You must follow your brand’s IG account,
  2. Create posts in the form of reviews when using your brand,
  3. Must mention the brand’s IG account.

So, from the conditions above alone, you will not only get UGC but also get additional followers for your account. Apart from getting UGC, from these conditions you can also get additional new followers. There’s a lot you can get from one giveaway, right?

3. Interaction with followers

The third way to get UGC is by interacting with your followers. If you don’t have enough budget to hire influencer marketing services or hold a giveaway. So another alternative that you can do is increase interaction with followers.

Follower interactions also take various forms, for example:

  • Opening a Q&A session on Instagram Stories.
  • Playing This or That, usually this is done on an online business sales account (food, clothing, thrift, etc.).
  • Create a post containing an invitation for discussion in the comments column.

And there are many more types of interactions with followers. The more often your followers interact with you, the more they will want to provide reviews voluntarily too.

Don’t forget to maintain your attitude, give consumers the best possible response so that they remain comfortable with your brand.

4. Start a trend or challenge

The next way to get UGC is to start a trend or challenge. Currently, there are many trends or challenges that are often held by brands with the aim of inviting their followers to join in on these trends.

Especially with the current existence of TikTok and Instagram Reels, this really helps market products via video. So, to get UGC from this method, you only need to create a trend or challenge, which can be a product review video, photo contest or something else.

Then invite your followers to join in the fun and ask them not to forget to mention your business’s social media accounts. From here you can get user generated content.

Do you know more about UGC?

So, by now you already know more about user generated content, right? From this discussion, you already know what UGC is and its role in digital business. After this, all you have to do is try it for your business IG account. To get other information, you can find out more details on WooRanked’s blog.