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8 Social Media Platforms That Can Be Used for Business

Using social media platforms is one of the keys to success in a business. According to Influencer Marketing Hub data, as much as $2.9 trillion in revenue is expected to be achieved through social media sales by 2026.

This strengthens the reason why the presence of social media platforms is important in the business world, namely to expand reach, promote products, build brand awareness, and increase product sales.

Because the benefits of social media platforms for business are quite large, you need to understand what social media platforms can be used. So, in this article we will discuss what these platforms are, just take a look!

1. Instagram

Instagram is a place to share photos and video uploads with our followers on Instagram.

You can create a business Instagram account and pamper your audience with content such as photos or videos which we can synergize with words that support the upload.

Not only that, you can also create interesting and creative business promotional content. However, don’t forget to use hashtags, which work in a similar way to hashtags on Google+, which will help us reach more followers.

2. TikTok

TikTok is one of the social media that is currently popular among young Indonesians. Not only is it used as a place for various videos, TikTok can also be used to promote your business. In fact, many well-known brands have started using this application to market their products through the TikTok shop.

For your information, brand marketing used on TikTok can take advantage of live features, short TikTok videos, TikTok Shop, and so on. To date, the application has 625 million active users worldwide.

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3. Facebook

Facebook is a place to share various things about life, news links, photos and videos. Optimize Facebook as a place to interact with customers. Facebook also allows us to create a “Facebook Fanpage” which is usually a place to share everything related to business.

In fact, many people think that Facebook Fanpages are more devoted to building the image of a company than the image of the products or services produced, but this opinion is slightly dispelled by the presence of Facebook Ads. 

With Facebook Ads, you can easily create ads on Facebook, promote products or services, and reach the right target market based on age, demographics, and other criteria, ensuring effective and efficient advertising.

4. Twitter

Twitter is a very open social media platform, like a blog but limited to only 140 characters. Even though posts on Twitter are mainly in the form of text, it does not rule out the possibility of sharing photos and videos.

The advantage of Twitter is that you can interact directly with other users, and can link each post to other social media platforms related to your business.

Interestingly, Twitter also has Twitter Ads which can be used to expand business reach, direct site traffic to the web, and various other benefits. 

Therefore, it is important to produce quality content to help support your Twitter Ads, namely, create interesting hashtags, and captions that are simple but invite people’s curiosity. This will be very useful if used as a reference in developing our marketing content on Twitter.

5. YouTube

YouTube is a special platform for sharing videos. YouTube is very interesting if used as an addition to introducing business and products/services, tell about the advantages of the business and product/service. 

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Therefore, you can create a business YouTube channel then create interesting content, use hashtags to reach more customers and expand market share. Also check out the guide and tips for making vlogs for beginners.

6. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is also an application that is generally used to communicate with relatives, family, friends, and so on. However, apart from being an application for sending messages, WhatsApp can also be used as a place to market products.

One of the features on WhatsApp that is useful for promoting a brand, you can use WhatsApp Business. This feature is intended as a place to support the communication and marketing needs of business owners.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is primarily used by professional business networks, this social media platform allows its users to share links and information with fellow professionals.

Even though Linkedin is difficult to market a particular product or service, Linkedin is very good if we want to expand our business wings or network, because this platform allows us to get to know other business people who are involved in the same business world.

8. Line

Line is social media that can be used to make it easier for business owners to carry out their marketing strategies. Businesses being marketed can take advantage of Line’s features, such as bots when messages come in outside operational hours, broadcasts, and groups that can be used as chat rooms for selling.

Product marketing online can also be done by updating the timeline that will be posted. This timeline is useful for those of you who want to market a product, provide information, etc. to followers and contacts.

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So, which social media platform do you want to choose?

Now you know what social media platforms can be used for business, so which one should you choose? Make sure that when choosing a social media platform, adjust it to your business goals, target audience, and various other factors. Because each platform has its own characteristics.